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St Brigid’s Primary School, Mountfield


In Demo P.S. we are committed to ensuring that every child has a stimulating and unforgettable educational experience. We aim to support each child to develop the skills they need to be the best they possibly can in a rapidly changing world.


There has been a primary school in Location since 1855 with the current school opening its doors in 1893. Over the years the school has been renovated, extended and a new mobile classroom and resource room added to the rear.

The school has always looked to the future by embracing new technology and now boasts interactive whiteboards, an ICT area, audio facilities and library area. We provide safe, open play areas and a playing field for sports and games.

We can boast about the wonderful achievements of its current and past pupils;

  • Football
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Further education

The namehere through the years book cites many of the wonderful memories and achievements that past pupils recall about their days at example P.S.


Demo P.S. is located in Location, in the Area district.

Traditionally the catchment area is sample, Demo, Location, Area and sample but the school has a long tradition of opening its doors to everyone.

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