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St Brigidís Primary School, Mountfield


30th Jan 2018

The PATHS Programme has been successfully rolled out in our school over the past few years and we are already beginning to see the benefits.  


  1. Improved Emotional Regulation
  2. Improved self-management
  3. Reduced aggression
  4. Reduced hyperactivity
  5. Improved Social Awareness
  6. Improved Relationship Skills
  7. 85% of pupils stated that PATHS® Plus had helped their problem solving skills moderately, very much or a great deal.
  8. A total of 91% of senior leaders reported that PATHS® Plus has had either some, good or a profound impact on reducing the amount of time spent resolving conflict.
  9. High fidelity delivery, 91% of teachers reported they followed the PATHS® lessons closely
  10. 100% of Senior Leadership Teams surveyed reported that PATHS® Plus had a positive impact on ‘children’s ability to stop and clam down’.

An additional element of the Paths Programme is PATHS PALS. Our children have recently applied and be interviewed to become a PATHS Pal. The PATHS Pals are now fully operational and are putting in practise their skills. We have no doubt our school will be a better place with our PATHS Pals in place.